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Laura Ingraham Alan Thicke Jerry Doyle Dennis Miller Lars Larson Alan Colmes

Alan Thicke Recommends Regal Asset

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7/26/13 – Regal Asset helped me convert my IRA to a Gold IRA. Great experience! Buying metals with Regal Assets was a great experience. Christian Howard provided me with very personal and excellent service and advice before I knew I was going to buy. I was kept me informed on a frequent basis about my order and when I was ready to close, Christian was able to keep me interested after I searched several companies for my purchases. My order was shipped with constant communication, making my investment into gold and silver a seamless transition. I would recommend Regal Assets to anybody ready to move their retirement money to gold and silver. I will definitely be buying from them in the future and look forward to our business relationship for years to come.
– Bill C.

7/22/13 – Easy IRA Rollover Experience. I thought that it would be a lot more work to roll over my IRA to a Gold IRA. The process was not much work at all. I received wonderful customer service from Charles Thorngren and all of my questions were answered quickly. Overall I was very pleased with the service that I received.
– Deb M.

7/21/13 – Excellent customer service .I would just like to thank Regal Assets for employing such helpful custodians. Charles Thorngren walked me through the whole process of transferring my funds from an existing retirement plan into the IRA that I now have activated. All the fear and uncertainty was removed from one phone conversation with Charles, and he made this whole process a pleasure to undergo. Thank you again
– Joseph R.

7/8/13 – 401(k) Rollover – I had a very pleasant experience working with Christian Howard and the Regal Assets team and I appreciated their guidance and professionalism. It was my first time dealing with gold and silver as they helped me roll over a 401(k) balance into a precious metals IRA. One of my biggest pet peeves is when companies and their salespeople/account managers are pushy and either “over” sell or “up” sell their products or services. After reading through many positive testimonials about Regal Assets and their representatives, I decided to try them out. They didn’t disappoint at all. Christian was very informative and explained things clearly. He did not push anything on me but rather laid out all of my options and then when I did ask for his opinion or advice, he gladly offered a few options based upon my personal needs and situation. The process went smoothly and Christian and the team always kept me informed along the way. I highly recommend Christian!!…and Regal Assets!
– Bret D.

7/7/13 – Outstanding Service and Professionalism. I would like to show my appreciate and gratitude to Mr. Charles Thorngren for his outstanding professionalism and help with not only getting me set up with a Regal Assets IRA account, but also for aiding me in my first purchase. The setup process for transitioning my Roth IRA over to a Regal Assets IRA was easy to do with the guidance that Mr. Thorngren provided me. In addition, I was able to make my first purchase within days of first contact with Mr. Thorngren. The professional and courteous service I was shown was outstanding, and I would recommend friends and family to start up their own Regal Assets account. I continue to have open communications with Mr. Thorngren and feel that our business relationship will continue to grow. I am proud to have chosen Regal Assets and looking forward to working with Mr. Thorngren and other Regal Assets Team Members in the future.
– Ryan B.

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